Srushti Linens Nursery Bedding

      While looking for the safest, most eco-friendly fabric options, Srushti creator Deepthi leveraged the centuries old tradition of leveraging Natural dyes for textiles. “Srushti” was born after getting to know the purity and authenticity of the entire process of extracting dyes from plants, roots, flowers etc... In partnering with the artisans who are trained in these ancient techniques, they bring the centuries old tradition of harnessing nature for plant based dyes to all the families and their loved ones.

      All Srushti Linens products are 100% Organic Cotton fabric, naturally bleached under the sun, hand blocked printed using plant based dyes, filled with 100% Organic cotton and sewn to perfection to finish it off. Every single step in this eco-friendly process is done with love, passion and care.

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