Lightweight Strollers

      Our lightweight strollers are the best for parents on the go! These strollers are easy, breezy and great for travel. Bring these lightweight strollers with you for easy maneuvering through crowded spaces like an amusement park, airport, big city, or anywhere you and your kiddo want to go! 

      Many of our lightweight strollers also come with storage spaces. These are perfect for carrying any drinks, snacks, or bags while leaving your hands free so that you can steer the stroller with ease. Many of our choices include snack tray and cup holder attachments. If you have a fussy child, simply place any toy or snack on the snack tray and watch all of their tears go away. These snack trays are also great for coloring, drawing and writing, perfect to keep your child busy, making your trip even easier. 

      Best of all, our strollers are so slender. You will be able to fold them up and store them away with ease. When you aren’t using it, your carriage will easily be able to fit in any trunk or closet. 

      20 products

      20 products