The iconic
Caravan Collection.

The most sustainable crib on the market.


A perfect marriage of beauty and utility, Kalon is known for simple, functional forms and a quiet, understated aesthetic. Impeccably crafted from durable and time-tested natural materials, each piece is thoughtfully designed with a focus on detail, material and experience. Kalon’s practice stems from a belief in the simple beauty and emotive quality of everyday objects. At the core of the design is a belief that the essential parts of a child’s first living space should be effortless and beautiful for all who experience them. 


Since the beginning, Kalon has held a deep commitment to sustainable, US based production. Each piece is impeccably crafted by a small team of highly-skilled traditional craftspeople using solid timber sourced from local, sustainably managed forests. 


The collection is made from the finest natural, biodegradable materials and custom mixed non-toxic finishes with no additives or toxins and is completely free of EDCs (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals).


The Caravan offers 6 stages of conversion and provides continued usability well beyond the nursery years. The stages of conversion draw heavily on Maria Montessori’s theories about a child’s quest for independence and development.