Booster Seats

      When your child outgrows their car seat but is too small to sit without extra protection, a booster seat is a perfect way to ensure your kiddo’s safety as they grow. Modern Nursery has options for car seats with attached head and arm rests for more security. We also sell smaller, backless booster seats. These seats are a wonderful option for older children that will make them feel just like an adult. Some allow your child to use the car’s seat belt, while others come with their own seat belts for extra safety. 

      These backless booster seats are great for 6-12-year-olds who want more freedom. They are also super convenient because they are incredibly lightweight. They’re great for kids on the go, as they can be used in cars, taxis, and planes. Just attach the car seat to any seat belt and take them anywhere. 

      . The seats are adjustable, perfect for children of all sizes. We have marvelous options that you can use from kindergarten to middle school.