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Hi! I’m Christine - I love being mama to my 2 babes, Willa & Linc, and spending time with my family! I’ve always had a huge passion for teaching and working with the tiniest of humans. I have my Master’s in Early Years Education, I’m a certified kids and families yoga teacher and I am currently training to be an official responsive parenting mentor! I am always looking for the healthiest and most sustainable choices for my family. As I navigate my way as a mother, teacher and general human being looking to make good choices, I hope to share helpful tips and tricks I pick up along the way with you!

From Christine

Read what Christine's finding as she journeys through parenthood! You'll find free baby yoga classes, tips on open ended play, development milestones to look out for, and find her favorite organic product recommendations.


Common Early Pregnancy Symptoms, Books for Pregnancy & Baby Prep!
Hello and welcome to week 5 - your baby is growing and is now the size of a pomegranate seed! I hope you’re feeling okay / good / great / amazing! Everyone is different and will be feeling differently (mentally...
Benefits of Pretend Play in the Kitchen!
As a former preschool teacher, I am a huge fan of “home corners” as they are the perfect way for children to learn, through play, about the world around them! So you can imagine my excitement when we decided to...
Yoga for Babies!
Yoga helps babies to develop fine motor skills, improves sleeping patterns in both in duration and frequency, and increases baby’s body awareness. It helps them to regulate emotions and reduces impulsivity. Yoga can give babies a very important life skills that help them succeed in the world.

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