Meet Christine

Hi! I’m Christine - I love being mama to my 2 babes, Willa & Linc, and spending time with my family! I’ve always had a huge passion for teaching and working with the tiniest of humans. I have my Master’s in Early Years Education, I’m a certified kids and families yoga teacher and I am currently training to be an official responsive parenting mentor! I am always looking for the healthiest and most sustainable choices for my family. As I navigate my way as a mother, teacher and general human being looking to make good choices, I hope to share helpful tips and tricks I pick up along the way with you!

From Christine

Read what Christine's finding as she journeys through parenthood! You'll find free baby yoga classes, tips on open ended play, development milestones to look out for, and find her favorite organic product recommendations.


Uses for Extra Breast Milk
When I was in my prime breast milk making days, I read something somewhere about making breastmilk popsicles for your baby. I couldn’t really see when I was ever going to use them because my baby’s teething had never been...
C-Section Birth & Recovery
The final weeks of my pregnancy were a time for me that was filled with excitement, anxiety, surprises and more! That's why I'm here to tell you all about preparing for all things related to a c-section birth and recovery. For both...
Ways to Encourage Good Sibling Relationships
A while back, I talked about some of our family’s favorite books for introducing a new baby. Today, I wanted to offer some ideas and tips that may also help with this big transition of welcoming a new sibling. It’s...