C-Section Birth & Recovery

C-Section Birth & Recovery

The final weeks of my pregnancy were a time for me that was filled with excitement, anxiety, surprises and more! That's why I'm here to tell you all about preparing for all things related to a c-section birth and recovery.

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For both of my pregnancies, I had an elected c-section planned so I was well aware and happy about my choice. The total opposite often happens to many - an unplanned c-section that you may not be so happy about, which is completely understandable as well! Whatever the situation, today I’ll be going through the prep that I did for my c-section in hopes that it may help you!

I am a complete over-planner so please do not feel like you need to do all of these things! The important thing is that you feel as healthy, happy, supported and as ready as possible for this transition into mama-hood! Take what you think might work for you, and leave the rest behind. Reach out to close family and friends who will be able to support you and provide you helpful tips and advice from their own experiences.

Alright, so here are the things I did to prepare for my c-section birth and recovery…

Physically, I wanted to be as strong as possible going into the surgery, as it is known that the recovery can be easier and faster if this is the case. I did a lot of prenatal yoga, prenatal massages, prenatal acupuncture and my favorite pregnancy friendly exercises. For my 2nd pregnancy, I was not as fit as I simply did not have the time or resources - or energy! I definitely felt that it was a longer recovery the second time around so I think being as physically strong as possible going into it is helpful for sure.

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Mentally, I wanted to be as prepared as possible. I read a lot of books, but The First Forty Days was the most helpful with regards to focusing on recovery. I made and froze a lot of meals that were focused on birth recovery, including one that was specific to c-section recovery! Looking back, having nutritious meals frozen and ready was a huge win for us and our family. We also joined a prenatal circle which had meet-ups for partners which my husband found to be extremely useful. I loved having my partner be informed, on the same page and I liked that we entered this “having a baby” thing as a true team vs. me on my own and him coming along for the ride. Oh - and my wonderful doula sent me a playlist that I still sometimes listen to called 'You’ve Got This, Mama!' - very empowering!

It (ideally) takes a village!... to make things easier, smoother, better - that’s for sure! For us, we really embraced the idea that we would like to have as much support as possible, particularly as both of our families were in a different country. We hired a birth and postpartum doula who was also a chef and was set to bring us meals, chose doctors who we felt would take the very best care of us, hired a baby nurse who would be with us for the first 6-8 weeks, had our housekeeper lined up and ready to go, etc. etc. etc. We were really happy and excited about this village and team that we created to help us bring our 1st baby into the world…. And then enter COVID! Long long LONG story short, we ended up doing pretty much all of it on our own which was… what it was! We did it, we survived without the village, our beautiful baby girl was and is happy and healthy - but I definitely would recommend the village option if you can go for that!

Favorite C-Section Recovery Items:

  • Silicone Scar Sheets: Once the incision healed, I started on these scar sheets recommended by my doctors. They help to further heal the scar, improve the color and texture of the scar and help make the skin smooth and soft.
  • Belly Binder: I just felt a bit more stable with a belly binder on, especially for the first few weeks. There was a lot going on in my tummy area so this just helped to keep everything in place as I healed!
  • Pure Synergy Superfood: I have been taking this regularly for years and recommend it to friends all the time but I definitely made sure to take this every day leading up to and after my c-section. I feel like it really helps heal all things in the body so of course recovering from surgery this was a staple in my diet!
  • Disposable Mesh Underwear: They give you these at the hospital but I liked having them for the days following the c-section when we got home. They are just super stretchy and comfortable and you can just throw them away after which is not necessarily sustainable but definitely useful for those crazy first few days.
  • High Waisted Underwear: After the mesh underwear stage, I liked having these high waisted underwear to wear. They are comfortable, roomy, and cover the incision / scar completely.
  • Skin & Scar Balm: Very nourishing, all organic and all the ingredients you need to look after your scar / skin. Love this stuff!
  • Stool Softener: You definitely want to be taking this after any birth - especially a c-section birth! It does what it says and is very helpful. Very common sense item to have - no one wants to be straining to poop whilst recovering from a c-section!

The more and more I learn about babies and births and pregnancies, the more I see that every single story is so vastly different. For me and my first pregnancy, I was completely “prepared” for my c-section birth and recovery and then a (COVID) bomb went off and we had to pivot, be flexible, adapt, deal. If that’s not a very accurate description for what becoming a parent is like, I don’t know what is! Whatever your story, however you welcome your baby, I wish you health and happiness and all the good things! I love sharing my story with others and I love to hear others’ stories, in hopes that we can all connect on this amazing and crazy thing called “having a baby!”


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