Motion Digital Video Baby Monitor

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EMFs (electric and magnetic fields) are areas of energy surrounding electrical devices. EMF exposure affects babies by impacting sleep cycles, brain development and their immune system.

Sustainably Made

Sustainability comes in many forms, from ethical labor practices that give back to the surrounding community, to environmental protection - like zero-waste manufacturing or planting trees for each product sold.

BPA Free

BPA [bisphenol A] is an industrial chemical found in plastic, epoxy resins, and even food and water containers. This chemical has been linked to adverse health effects in fetuses, newborns and children.

No Added Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is something you want to stay away from because it is a cancerous, strong-smelling, colorless gas commonly found in pressed-wood products.

Phthalates Free

Phthalates disrupt the body's hormones and some are known carcinogens. The chemicals from baby gear and wallpaper can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed.


PFAS-free baby products do not containpoly-fluorinated alkyl substances which are a group of around 4,700 industrial chemicals that can be found everywhere around us.


VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are chemicals from specific solids or liquids (like wax, paints and varnishes) that can be emitted as gas. It has been proven that this easily inhaled chemical may lead to cancer, liver, and kidney diseases.

Fire Retardant Free

Fire retardants are chemicals that are often sprayed onto car seats and baby products to make them fire resistant. But, these poisonous chemicals are known to cause hormone disruption, neurological damage and even cancer.

Recycled Materials

Recycling is a trend, and we love it! Consumerism is a huge problem today, and there are ways to combat the issue. Recycled materials help keep our landfills clean, and also saves energy, water and money.

EMFs (Electromagnetic frequency) are a known hazard to the health of humans, especially infants as their bodies are still forming and their brains are developing. An easy solution to this issue is to limit your child’s exposure to electronics and Bluetooth devices. How then do you monitor their safety when they are sleeping? Enter: Bebcare Motion Monitor! The best of both worlds- a “smart” device which can monitor your child and to give you the peace of mind of video observation but with the lowest EMFs on the market for baby monitors, for both the baby camera and parent viewing unit! When you’re a new parent, you want to be so present and alert around your baby that you sometimes wish you had eyes at the back of your head. While evolution has unfortunately yet to come that far, Bebcare’s Motion video baby monitor is definitely the next best thing. With its revolutionary technology designed to differentiate the static from your baby’s cry and monitor the room temperature, the Bebcare Motion allows you to sleep peacefully, knowing you’ll only be alerted when your child actually needs you. Thanks to the monitor’s 2-way communication system, you can even talk and sing to your baby from the other room! And when you start getting sleepy yourself, the Motion will take over and put your little one to sleep with one of six lullabies or soothing sounds programmed into it. 


  • Designed with DSR Digital Safe Radio ultra-low emissions wireless technology that reduces exposure to EMF radiation 
  • Parent unit includes a 4.3’’ “true color” display, with a black and white mode for night vision 
  • White noise silencer- Gone are the days of hissing background noises all night long! if you have a white noise machine active in the baby’s room, you will not hear static or any noise. For those light sleepers out there - rest assured knowing that background noise is muted and the only noise you will hear coming through your parent unit is from your baby. You may adjust the sensitivity of the noise activation so that it suits the needs of your surroundings. 
  • Convenient nightlight from the temperature sensor provides the current temperature of baby’s room and alerts you if the temperature is warmer or cooler than your preset thresholds. 
  • Motion Alerts- Adjust motion sensitivity from 1-5 depending on how active your baby is while sleeping. Receive alerts on parent unit when motion is detected. 
  • Range: 1000ft; suitable for most homes around 2,000 square feet (depending on home construction, etc) 
  • Battery life: 20 hours for the camera, 16 hours for the parent unit, both charged with a USB-C cable- the same cable used for all android devices.

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