Uses for Extra Breast Milk

Uses for Extra Breast Milk

When I was in my prime breast milk making days, I read something somewhere about making breastmilk popsicles for your baby. I couldn’t really see when I was ever going to use them because my baby’s teething had never been that bad at that point. Anyway, I had a bunch of milk in the fridge so I made some anyway! SO glad I did and I would recommend it to anyone who is breastfeeding and has enough to make some! There have been a few times so far where they have been a TOTAL life saver!

Breast milk popsicles

Two times, it seemed that our babe was super super grouchy and we speculated that it might be due to teething so we gave her a breast milk popsicle and she immediately calmed down.

One time, she fell and hurt her mouth, and her gums started to bleed, poor babe. She did the hurricane cry - does anyone else know what I mean when I say this? It’s when they cry so much that in the middle of the cry you just see a wide mouth but it’s completely silent! Anyway, thank goodness I remembered about the popsicles and gave her one as she pretty much calmed down straight away and was happy as a clam. It was the perfect way to soothe her and get something cold in her mouth to help with the pain / swelling!

We also loved having the popsicles in the middle of the hot hot summer, or when our baby had a little fever. Perfect for cooling our little babe down!

These are the food feeders I used to make the popsicles in my bio. I like them because they are easy for Willa to grip her little hands onto and are made of safe materials. I just fill the whole cap with breastmilk and then freeze it upside down, handle up. When taking out of freezer to use I just run it with the cap on under some warm water, and the cap comes off easily and then it’s ready to go!

Fresh breast milk

Top tip: make sure that you’re using fresh breastmilk as you’re not meant to re-freeze breast milk that has been defrosted.

Another bonus - I loved learning about how naturally healing breastmilk is! You can use it to help with diaper rash and other skin issues baby might have, and it REALLY helps with healing sore nipples from breastfeeding!



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