Nursery Dressers

      If you’ve been spoiling your baby by showering them with toys and clothing, chances are you may be running out of places to put everything. If you have tons of baby clutter and nowhere to put it, you may want to invest in a dresser for your nursery. Luckily, with Modern Nursery’s wide selection, you’re sure to find a dresser, nightstand, or wardrobe that suits your nursery perfectly. Our dressers are here to help those of you who got one too many gifts at your baby shower. 

      This collection also includes nightstands. Top one of our nightstands with a soft lamp to give the ideal amount of light for those late-night bottle feedings. 

      Do you have a nursery that doesn’t include a closet? Do you just need a bit more space for your baby gear? Worry not! Modern Nursery also sells an array of wardrobes, equipped with a clothing rack and drawers. Our wardrobes and all of our baby furniture are made of high-quality, sustainable wood that is beautiful, nontoxic, and safe for your nursery or playroom.
      90 products

      90 products