Father's Day Gift Guide For The Trendy Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide For The Trendy Dad

The Modern Nursery Dad isn’t just any Dad -- he’s trendy, fashionable and in love with his kids. His kids are the most important thing to him -- as they should be -- so, show Dad this Father’s Day, that he is the most important thing to you.

Converse -- Customizable Shoe

Every Dad needs a good pair of shoes. So why not design something special for him? With these “Design your own Chuck Taylor,” your Dad is going to be the most fashionable on the playground. Pick the color, pattern, and saying to add to your Dad’s cool Converse. Starting at just $75.00 you can create something original and unique that no one, but your Dad will be wearing.

Chalkboard Mug

Does your Dad take a cup of coffee or tea every morning? If so, we’ve got the perfect gift. This Chalkboard mug will make your Dad have an easier morning and a great start to his day. Use this mug to deliver Dad a cup of coffee every morning, with a special message telling him how much you love him and appreciate him. Or, let Dad take charge and have him write memos on how he takes his coffee. This is only $9.95, but Dad will be sure to love this gift. 

Daddy&Co Slide Diaper Bag

This gift is perfect for the new Dad on the go. If he’s not big into carrying around your OiOi English Rose Diaper Bag, this one is sure to make him happy. This Dad friendly bag features neutral colors and a comfortable shoulder strap, that evenly distributes the weight. So, he won’t have any problems holding onto Baby, groceries the diaper bag and anything else that he may have his hands on. Purchase this diaper bag for just $135.00 and we promise you, it will make Dad’s life that much easier.  

Golf Swag

Any Dad, just like a mom, is going to need to blow off some steam and let loose after the baby is born. So why not get him this leather golf ball carrier. This is the Birkin equivalent for men and is perfect for a day out on the green. This golf pouch carries 10 golf balls, 9 tees and can even carry a pencil so he can be competitive with his buddies and keep score. For $50.00 you can get Dad the perfect gift and even add a little personalization engraving, for that special touch.

If these gifts listed above don’t suit that Dad in your life, try some of our other gifts. And remember, most Dad’s will love anything you get them, even if it’s just a picture of you and baby. Just be sure that no matter what gift you get him, it says “I Love You.”