Baby Beach Hacks

Baby Beach Hacks

Summer is finally here; that means beach time with the kiddos! Whether you live five minutes or crossing state lines to visit the beach, you'll want to know these baby beach hacks to make the most of your trip.

Bring Baby Powder

It not only stops chaffing on baby's bottom but works wonders against sandy hands and feet. The powder absorbs moisture, which leaves skin dry so sand can't stick. Perfect for keeping hands sand free for snack time.

Pack Snacks

Playing in the surf and sand can work up quite the appetite. Satisfy their munchies by keeping snacks and in one place. The Skip Hop Bento Diaper Bag has a mealtime kit with a insulated cooler bag and perfect-fit freezer pack is our go-to. It keeps all baby items in one place and even keeps snacks cool!
Modern Nursery- Skip Hop Bento Diaper Bag

Set A Limit For The Number Of Seashells

You kids will want to keep the seaside treasures they find at the beach. Rather than having a big fight at the end of the day, set a limit before you get to the beach that where there is no argument or fuss at the end of the day.

Avoid The Burn

Asking kids to sit still while you apply sunscreen can be a struggle. Minimize the work by getting them a surfer shirt. It's made of fast-drying material, breathable, and most importantly blocks the sun's harmful rays.

Baby Play Tent

Long days at the beach can be tiring especially for baby. A play tent like the MobyWrap Toddler Snugspace and a portable battery operated fan gives baby a safe, cool place to nap without you having to leave the beach!
Modern Nursery - MobyWrap Toddler Snugspace

Wrap Your Valuables In A Diaper

Join your kiddos in the surf while keeping your valuables safe by wrapping them in a diaper. Unconventional, but no one will want to look through a dirty diaper so rest assured that your things will be there when you get back.

Pack SWIM Diapers

This is very important. Don't forget the to buy swim diapers. You might think that regular diapers work just as well as swim diapers, however, this is very untrue. Regular diapers are made of material that will balloon up and cause a mess once it's drenched in water. Swimmers will not do that. Swimmers also have elastic bands to keep everything in the diaper and out of the water. Think of it as an investment rather than a splurge.
Huggies Little Swimmers

Bring Balloons

Not for water balloon fights, but a few deflated balloons comes in handy when ears become plugged with water. Just have kiddo blow into a balloon a couple of times--viola, unplugged ears.

Stay Cool Without The Surf

If your kiddo is afraid of going into the surf, don't force them. Grab a small inflatable kiddie pool, fill it up with sea water, and have a ball! This will ensure that kiddo says cool while also keeping them from loosing toys.
We hope you enjoy the beach with your little one and try a beach baby hack or two. Make sure to lather on the SPF and stay safe! Check back to the Modern Nursery Blog for more babyhacks, DIYs, and more!