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Wishbone Mini Flip: Walk. Rock. Ride. The Wishbone Mini Flip is an heirloom-quality, 3-in-1 baby walker, perfect for children from about zero to walking age. While the Wishbone Flip is designed for children closer to walking age, the Mini-Flip is optimal for our smaller friends who are just learning to walk. With the innovative flipping mechanism, it transforms from rock to roll in seconds - With no tools required! It's so easy to "flip" that you can teach your toddler to do it themselves! The seat has two sets of bolt holes to adjust the height as your child grows, and Wishbone recommends adding some weight (like a brick or some books) inside the Mini Flip to add stability for the youngest riders.

Perfect for building balance, motor skills, coordination, and independence. The Wishbone Mini Flip's modern lines and quality construction make it a beautiful addition to any home.


  • Made from 100% sustainably-harvested birch plywood
  • Easily transforms from a ride-on toy to a rocking toy
  • High-quality skate wheels made with 608 steel bearings and will not damage wooden floors
  • Adjustable seat height: 8.6" to 10.8"
  • Maximum weight: 66 pounds