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The Stump by Kalon is the result of cooperation between the beauty of nature and the ingenuity of human creativity. As living art, this piece was created to transmogrify with the passage of time leaving you with a truly sui generis artifact. With no finish applied it is meant to subtly contort and morph with age. The Kalon Stump is a statement piece connecting the natural and earthy to the modern and contemporary, bringing a sense of individualistic look to your home. 


  • Made from American Ash and Maple
  • Green Wood is timber that has been recently harvested and therefore has not had an opportunity to season by evaporation of the internal moisture
  • Green Wood pieces will warp and split as they age. This is an intended part of the design.
  • This piece is sanded but not finished
  • No toxins/No off-gassing
  • EDC free (Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals)


Small: 8″W x 12″H x 8″D
Large: 12″W x 17″H x 12″D

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