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While pregnancy brings about joy, love, and the growth of families, it also brings some not-so-great side effects like body pain and sleeping difficulty. As the body grows to adjust for the weight of the baby, so does spinal pressure and muscle wear. This is where a body pillow comes in. Often utilized by side sleepers for additional comfort and stability, body pillows create a neutral position for the neck, hips, and spine of any mother-to-be. The best part: it’s 100% non-toxic and made of natural and organic wool rather than man-made fillings like other body pillows. Safe for mom and baby to use for ultimate comfort and better rest. For a rejuvenating night’s sleep and a relaxing reawakening, this body pillow is the way to go.

Purchase alone or with a case!

The full-sized body pillow measures 17” x 53” and is filled with 4.21 lbs of wool.

Product Care

Sunning your pillow periodically will keep it refreshed and revitalize the wool. Pillow is spot clean only. Separate case is machine washable in cold water, line dry or tumble dry low.

The scent of wool - Our wool, both natural and organic, is cleaned and processed naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. That's why you may notice the mild sweet scent of sunny farm pastures when you receive your new wool product. The wool retains 1% of the naturally occurring lanolin oil, which helps condition the fibers and keep them fluffy and soft for years to come. Most customers find the scent dissipates within a few days.