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BPA Free

BPA [bisphenol A] is an industrial chemical found in plastic, epoxy resins, and even food and water containers. This chemical has been linked to adverse health effects in fetuses, newborns and children.


When you shop for organic baby products you are limiting your child’s exposure to harmful toxins likepesticides.Not only are they safe for your baby, but the natural and biodegradable ingredients are also safe for the environment.

No Added Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is something you want to stay away from because it is a cancerous, strong-smelling, colorless gas commonly found in pressed-wood products.

Phthalates Free

Phthalates disrupt the body's hormones and some are known carcinogens. The chemicals from baby gear and wallpaper can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed.


PFAS-free baby products do not containpoly-fluorinated alkyl substances which are a group of around 4,700 industrial chemicals that can be found everywhere around us.


VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) are chemicals from specific solids or liquids (like wax, paints and varnishes) that can be emitted as gas. It has been proven that this easily inhaled chemical may lead to cancer, liver, and kidney diseases.

Fire Retardant Free

Fire retardants are chemicals that are often sprayed onto car seats and baby products to make them fire resistant. But, these poisonous chemicals are known to cause hormone disruption, neurological damage and even cancer.


Handmade products are made with love, they are unique, and created– just for you! Crafty people can create pretty much anything and adjust it to your needs and preferences.

Esembly's Inner is step one of their two-step diapering system for an absorbent and blowout-proof diaper. It is made of 100% organic cotton and features a unique butterfly-shaped core that boosts absorbency. No multiple pieces or additional liners needed to achieve standard absorbency - the Esembly Inner has it all! Available in two sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your baby at all ages. Combine it with Esembly's Outer for a mess-free, stress-free cloth diapering system!


  • Made of soft, 100% unbleached organic cotton
  • Absorbent core is made of two cotton layers. Instead of being fully stitched together and being hard for the washing powder to penetrate, the core is sewn together in five spots - more than enough to hold the layers together, while also allowing washing powder and water to thoroughly clean every spot, and reducing drying time
  • Waist snaps allow the Inner to grow with your baby, while the rippled core and stretchy elastic at the legs will expand as your child grows taller
  • Dark caps in the center of the front waist increase visibility of the center snaps, making it easy to see if the diaper is snapped in the same position on both sides
  • Available in two sizes: Size 1 fits babies approximately 7-17lbs; Size 2 fits babies from 18lbs until they're potty trained

How many Esembly Inners do I need?

Because a fresh Inner is required for each diaper change, and you will launder 2-3 times a week, we recommend having 24-28 Inners.

Not sure where to start? Click here to find out about the benefits of cloth diapering and Esembly's diapering system!

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