Cloth Diapering: The Why's, When's and How's

Cloth Diapering: The Why's, When's and How's

So you're interested in cloth diapering? Perhaps you're expecting your first and the thought of spending vast amounts of money on something you're going to throw away after three hours of use is sending shivers down your spine. Or perhaps you already have an experience with that and are looking to switch to a wallet-friendly, planet-friendly alternative. Either way, congratulations! You are one step closer to switching over to a cloth diapering system, and thanks to Esembly, that step has never been easier. Here is everything you need to know about cloth diapering in general as well as Esembly's system!


  • LANDFILL-FREE AND KIND TO THE PLANET. There are currently approximately 11 million babies in the US, each going through on average 57 diapers a week. That is over 32 billion disposable diapers in landfill in just one year, just in the US! With Esembly, you only need around 44 diapers in total from birth to potty training, and those diapers can then be passed onto the next child or a friend. One set of Esembly cloth diapers can prevent thousands of disposables from harming our planet!
  • OVERALL COMFORT & LESS INCIDENCE OF DIAPER RASH. Unlike disposable diapers which contain plastics, polyester, adhesives and many other aggravating materials, Esembly Inners are made of 100% organic cotton that is soft to the touch and soothing against baby’s skin.
  • EARLIER POTTY TRAINING. Cloth-diapered babies tend to be fully potty trained on average 9 months earlier than children using disposables. This is due to the fact that the moisture-wicking gel inside disposable diapers prevents the child from connecting the sensation of needing to go with the soon-to-follow uncomfortable feeling of wetness.
  • HUGE SAVINGS. By only purchasing one set of diapers that your child will be able to use throughout the entire diapering period, combined with the fact that cloth-diapered babies are potty trained earlier and therefore require less additional products such as wipes and rash cream, you are looking at savings of around $2000 per baby!


  • “Cloth diapers require so much water to launder that they’re not really better for the planet.” Laundering cloth diapers over time uses the same amount of water as 4.7 average toilet flushes a day - no more than having another person in your household, and definitely much less than the resources needed to produce, ship and dispose of thousands of disposables your little one would need!
  • “Cloth diapers aren’t as absorbent as disposable and therefore you have to change your baby more often.” No matter whether you’re using disposables or reusables, babies should be changed every 2-3 hours while they’re awake, or immediately after they poop. Esembly’s cloth diapers are perfectly absorbent during that time frame, and their carefully engineered accessories allow you to boost diaper absorbency during the night too!

Esembly's Cloth Diapering Assortment



  1. FIT - Esembly believes that cloth diapers need to be a perfect fit and cannot be too bulky or too snug. Their diapers come in two sizes, to accommodate babies at all stages.
  2. FUNCTION - Every diaper needs to be absorbent and prevent blowouts. This is why Esembly's diapering system features two parts: the absorbent Inner, and the waterproof Outer. Together, and with the addition of optional accessories, they create the cloth diapering system of dreams!
  3. WASHABILITY - Unlike other cloth diapers that usually have an absorbent and a waterproof layer sewn together, Esembly's system is 2-part, which means it requires less laundry. The Inners get washed after each use, while the Outers, as long as they're not soiled, can be used multiple times.

How to use Esembly cloth diapers

  1. Put the Inner on. Optionally, add a Stay Dry Liner for an extra dry feeling, an Overnighter (or more!) for added absorbency if your baby is sleeping 6+ hours at a time, or a Tosser to aid with picking up bits of solid poo during changes. Secure the Inner so it's snug but not too tight.
  2. Put the Outer over the Inner. Once the Outer is snapped in, pick the baby up and do a quick check to make sure there's no Inner cotton peeking out. This is key to making sure you don't get any leaks.
  3. Once it's changing time (every 2-3 hours during the day, as soon as the baby wakes up if they've been asleep, or immediately if poop is detected), open both layers. Throw the Tosser away. Shake any solid bits of poo from the Stay Dry Liner into the toilet and throw it into the Pail Pouch. Throw the Overnighter(s) into the Pail Pouch. Remove the Inner and throw it into the Pail Pouch. As long as the Outer hasn't been soiled, you can keep it aside and reuse it multiple times. If it's dirty, into the wash it goes! Optionally, sprinkle some Pail Deodorant on top of everything you've tossed into the wash.
  4. Wipe your baby down using Wipe Ups and Wipe Up Wash Kit. If needed, put Everyday Balm or Rash Relief Cream on.
  5. Put a new Inner and Outer on.


One of the biggest barriers to entry for many parents when it comes to cloth diapering is doing laundry. How on Earth are you supposed to wash that amount of pee and poo off cloth diapers and not have the smell of dirty diapers lingering around the nursery for days and keep everything sanitized? Luckily, Esembly has made laundering easy! All of their diapers and all washable accessories (including the Day Bag and the Pail Pouch too) can be washed together, and with a few easy steps you too will master the art of washing cloth diapers!

  1. Every 2-3 days, bring your Pail Pouch filled with all of your Esembly diapers and accessories to your washing machine (and yes, public laundromats are perfectly fine, and no, the washer will not get dirty!). Put the open end of the Pail Pouch into the machine and push it inside out so that all contents get in without you needing to touch them. Lastly, throw the Pail Pouch in too. Toss in the Agitators. Always make sure your washing machine is filled no less than 1/2 and no more than 2/3 of its capacity.
  2. FLUSH CYCLE. Add one scoop of Esembly's cloth diaper-friendly Washing Powder right into the barrel. Set the water temperature to warm and the cycle to normal. This will remove the most obvious soil.
  3. POWER CLEAN CYCLE. Once the flush cycle is complete, sprinkle two more scoops of the Washing Powder into the barrel, set the water temperature to hot and the cycle to heavy duty.
  4. Once the power clean cycle is complete, transfer everything including the Agitators into the dryer. Make sure to shake open your Inners and push them inside out as you transfer them so the center pad layers separate. If you have a gas dryer, set it to a timed dry for 55-65 minutes on a medium high heat. If you have an electric dryer, set it to a timed dry for 65-75 minutes on high heat. Note: Sensory dry can get deceived by Inners and their thickness which is why timed dry is strongly recommended. Always make sure to clean your lint trap before drying diapers as you need maximum air flow.

Additional laundry tips:

  • Never soak diapers, not even just in water. Soaking can weaken the fabric fibers and cause your diapers to rip.
  • Never use the sanitary, steam or allergen cycle. These cycles get too hot and will destroy the cotton, as well as remove waterproofing from products like Outers and Day Bags.

GOT ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS? Feel free to reach out to us at and our dedicated Customer Care team will be happy to help you create a cloth diapering system of your dreams!