Disney Big Hero 6 Baymax Giant Wall Decals

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Join Baymax as he goes on a mission to stop a criminal plot with these Big Hero 6 Giant wall decals. Add this brave robot to any bedroom, playroom or bedroom furniture. Easy to install, these wall decals are easily removable and repositionable. Transform a room in minutes with this affordable wall decal!


  • 14 wall decals that assemble to form a giant sized wall decal of Bymax in his bright red armor.
  • Five additional Baymax fillers

To apply your wall decal and transform a room into a scene from the movie, remove the wall sticker from the backing. Once removed, apply the wall sticker to a clean, flat surface to ensure the best results possible. Reposition to your liking as much as necessary until it looks how you envisioned it! When you want to move it to another room of the house, it's easy. Simply peel off the wall and apply to the clear plastic backing or wax paper to save, and re-stick.

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