Kristen, The OrganiMama

Kristen has a background in graphic design and photography and a passion for holistic and toxin-free living. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband and daughter. Kristen uses her social media to help inspire and teach others to make the switch to toxin-free, healthy living!

From Kristen

Read what Kristen's finding as she journeys through parenthood! You'll find non-toxic recommendations as well as tips and tricks on living a low-tox life.


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As the end of the second-trimester approaches, the realization that you're almost halfway through your pregnancy hits you. It's hard to believe how fast time has flown by! I remember that this point of my pregnancy was pretty much my...
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You are finally entering the second trimester - woohoo! Sometimes those first few weeks of pregnancy can really feel like they’re dragging on, especially if you aren’t feeling well and haven’t shared your news with many people yet. What’s up...
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Thinking about showers? Hopefully you’re taking good care of yourself and showering regularly. But actually I’m not talking about personal hygiene, I’m talking about BABY SHOWERS! They can be oh so fun but also oh so stressful. If you haven’t...