Kristen van Gilse

Kristen van Gilse has a background in graphic design and photography and a passion for holistic and toxin-free living. She resides in Indianapolis with her husband and daughter. Kristen uses her social media to help inspire and teach others to make the switch to toxin-free, healthy living!

From Kristen

Read what Kristen's finding as she journeys through parenthood! You'll find non-toxic recommendations as well as tips and tricks on living a low-tox life.


OB/GYNs vs Midwives
You may have just gotten that positive pregnancy test, or maybe you’ve known now for a week or two. And it miiiiight be starting to hit you that you’re actually pregnant. Perhaps you’re starting to freak out a little bit,...
Naturepedic: Hello Organic, Goodbye Chemicals
Thinking of going organic with a crib mattress for your little one and you are looking into Naturepedic options? We've got you covered! Below is a post that analytical readers may find useful, and for the visuals we have also...

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