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We’re working to make this easy to find the products that hold the same values as you do, you’ll be able to shop by eco-certifications like GREENGUARD Gold, MADE SAFE, and FSC Certified, as well as click to read what each of those means for those just learning how / those who are curious about a non-toxic approach to parenting.

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Shop the best in eco-friendly baby gear, furniture, and toys with Modern Nursery. Our organic baby gear is free of toxins and pesticides, which may be hazardous to expecting parents, children, and wildlife. This eco-friendly baby gear will also help ensure cleaner air and water, meaning a better future for your little one.


Fire retardants are chemicals that are often sprayed onto baby products to make them fire resistant. But, these poisonous chemicals are known to cause hormone disruption, neurological damage and even cancer. This is why more and more baby gear companies are moving over to fire retardant free (fr-free) options.


Small businesses are our future. Handmade products are made with love, they are unique, and created– just for you! Crafty people can create pretty much anything and adjust it to your needs and preferences. Buying from them gives a lot of support to small, family businesses (like Modern Nursery)!

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Products made from organic fibers and are produced using environmentally and socially responsible methods.
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Items with the most sustainably sourced made furniture items and baby gear. The best for your baby and the environment.
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