The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Nursing & Feeding Pillow

The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Nursing & Feeding Pillow

Modern Nursery has done it again, mamas; they have aced another baby product. (See my previous blog post about their INCREDIBLE organic crib mattress pad protector.) This time, they have completely changed my view on breastfeeding support pillows with their Holy Lamb Organics nursing + feeding pillow.

Let’s start with the quality and make of this pillow, which in and of itself makes it stand above its competitors. As you may have learned about me, I am very natural/wholistic minded, & I love organic and eco-friendly items. This nursing pillow is HANDMADE y’all with only 2 materials (not including the nylon zipper closure), and those 2 materials are Premium Eco Wool and Organic Cotton. This means that while you’re using the supportive pillow to breastfeed your precious newborn, you can rest easy knowing that both you and your baby are not subjected to any harmful chemicals or ingredients. (Um, that’s a HUGE win in my book!) Resting easy will also release more oxytocin (the love hormone) and in turn will help you to letdown your milk! (That makes it a win-win, folks!)

Holy Lamb Organics Nursing Pillow

Safe, Eco-Friendly Materials

Made of 2 materials + Nylon Zipper:

          • Organic Cotton
          • Premium Eco Wool

Y’all The Pillow & Cover are Handmade

You guys, I was actually blown away when I opened the package containing Modern Nursery’s Holy Lamb Organics nursing pillow and cover, because I could immediately tell that each item was made with such care and attention! In fact, I noticed that the packaging on each item was actually signed by the person who sewed it, because it is a HANDMADE item! (Oh my golly, am I a geek or what?! I completely love handmade items!)

My Modern Nursery/Holy Lamb Organics Nursing Pillow & Zippered Cover were handmade by Mary & Shirley. 💝 Handmade items are my jam, & the quality is superb, literally!

Handmade Nursing Pillow by Holy Lamb Organics in Washington

Okay, Now on to My Little Secret...

So, I’m going to let you all in on a little a Certified Lactation Counselor, I have never been a fan of nursing pillows. (Eekk, don’t hate me; I’ve had my reasons.) BUT, I’m actually shocked to say that I am in LOVE with the Holy Lamb Organics nursing pillow. I’m really letting the cat out of the bag here, & I want to be totally transparent...this nursing pillow provides the perfect amount of support for a nursing baby or toddler. (I personally use it to nurse my 17-month old son.) It’s not too stiff nor too big/tall, like many nursing pillows I’ve tried before. It gives mom the perfect amount of support and height to nurse in a cradle, cross cradle, or football position, which are 2 of the most commonly used nursing positions. Not only is it great for nursing, it can also grow with your baby and has many practical uses, outside of breastfeeding support:

breast feeding support pillow
  • Use it as support for your baby during tummy time (which should be happening every day, beginning at birth).
  • Put it around your baby for support as they are learning to sit-up unassisted.
  • As my 4-year old pointed out, it’s also an excellent neck pillow!
  • In the early postpartum days, mom’s who had vaginal births can even sit on it to keep pressure off of their sore lady bits. And, if you are recovering from a C-section, a nursing pillow is your best friend, because it allows a buffer between your baby and your abdomen.
  • I also want to add that if your spouse or a caregiver needs to bottle feed your breastfed baby, this pillow would provide EXCELLENT support for them, if they are using the recommended Paced Bottle Feeding Method. (I have a guide in my Digital Shop explaining more about Paced Bottle Feeding!)


Okay pumping & bottle feeding moms, I see you! Guess what? This pillow was made for you too! As I just mentioned the Paced Bottle Feeding Method is for bottle fed babies, & this pillow is PERFECT for you, your spouse, or a caregiver to bottle feed your precious baby! You know what,sometimes nursing a bottle-fed baby can be even MORE taxing on your back and shoulders, so investing this supportive pillow is a great way to ensure your posture survives!

Easy Product Care

Sunning your pillow from time to time is a super easy way to keep it refreshed and revitalize the wool. The pillow is actually spot clean only, but the separate pillow cover is machine washable in cold water & line dry/tumble dry low heat.

purchase the holy lamb organic nursing pillow

What are you waiting for?

So, what did I miss? Modern Nursery’s Holy Lamb Organics pillow is the ULTIMATE support pillow for your nursing &/or bottle feeding baby! With its safe, eco-friendly materials, easy cleaning, perfect support, & multi-uses, and budget-friendly price tag ($195 for the handmade pillow + cover), what are you waiting for? Hurry and click the link below to grab yours today!

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