Naturepedic: Hello Organic, Goodbye Chemicals

Naturepedic: Hello Organic, Goodbye Chemicals

Thinking of going organic with a crib mattress for your little one and you are looking into Naturepedic options? We've got you covered! Below is a post that analytical readers may find useful, and for the visuals we have also included a video at the end!

Hello everybody! My name is Kristen, and I’m here today to give you an honest review of the Naturepedic Breathable Ultra 2-stage Organic Crib Mattress. So let’s dig in!

When you’re thinking about building a baby registry, I think it’s very common, especially if you’re working with a limited budget for your new baby to think like, ”Oh what can I get on Facebook marketplace?”, “What can I get from a friend who’s out of the little baby stage?” and all of that stuff. But I think it is really important to make sure that you buy a crib mattress new. Just because of all the factors - you don’t know what environments they’ve been in - if they’ve been in moldy homes, or homes with pets, or smoking, or anything like that. There’s just not necessarily a guarantee of the cleanliness of a baby mattress when you’re finding something that’s used. So, I find this is one of the most important items, when you’re having a new baby, to buy something new.

There are so many crib mattresses that are out there on the market, so it’s sometimes a little difficult to weed through all the different options and consider like, “Okay, which one is truly the best for me?” and I’m always going to be making decisions from a lens of “Which is the safest for my child?”. We selected the Naturepedic Crib Mattress for Marceline because it’s really stellar on so many levels, so I thought I would share a little bit with you guys today about what makes the Naturepedic Crib Mattress so great, and why we love using it in our nursery.

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

Okay, so I have the mattress right here. I am not really going to bring it any closer, just because it’s big. Well, it’s not that big… It's a crib mattress. It’s the smallest mattress size that, like, pretty much exists. But, I just wanted to have it here for a visual, just so you guys can see.

First of all, one of the things I really love about this mattress is how lightweight it is. We had a different brand of non-toxic crib mattress before this one, and it was so heavy. I could barely change the sheets without getting some help because it was so heavy. This one, as you can see, is super lightweight - I’m not exerting very much energy to lift it up, which is a great feature. It’s super lightweight, I truly love that part about it, because that means I can change the sheets easily on my own, instead of having to call my husband for help or waiting until he’s home. So, that’s a huge plus about this mattress. 

The main feature about this crib mattress that truly is the ultimate selling point for me is that it is organic and non-toxic. Naturepedic doesn’t use any kind of toxic foam to create the body of their mattress, unlike most other companies. And, in addition to that, they also don’t use any vinyl, any phthalates, any PFAs, or pesticides, GMO materials, or anything like that. It’s really really safe for your baby. And, newborns spend, like, around 75% of their day sleeping, so if you’re using a crib for newborn, you want to make sure that you’re choosing a mattress that’s made of safe materials that’s not harming their health or harming their lungs. And, in addition, the Naturepedic crib mattresses are GOTS Certified, which means that they have organic cotton to make up the outside, which is super important. GOTS Certified means that it’s been tested for toxic materials and has come back under the limit. So that’s a really good certification to look for in nursery furniture. And then in addition to the GOTS certification, it’s also GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Certified Vegan, and certified Formaldehyde Free. So those are all really good points of reference for just how clean and non-toxic this mattress really is.

Naturepedic mattress cretifications

Another popular marketing point by a lot of other mattress brands is breathability. Naturepedic has actually done something kind of amazing and they have made their mattress super breathable while still being waterproof, which is really hard to find. Especially when you’re dealing with non-toxic materials. So, they’re using non-toxic materials to make their mattress completely waterproof and breathable.

I’ve never had any kind of concern about Marceline sleeping face down on this mattress because it is so breathable. And, if there’s ever any kind of leak or body fluid situation, I don’t have to worry at all because it’s completely waterproof and you never have to worry about any moisture getting inside the mattress, and causing issues like mold or smell or anything like that. And also on the subject of waterproofing: Naturepedic uses a non-toxic material to create waterproofing in their mattress, whereas most other brands that are marketing a “waterproof” mattress are generally using toxic materials and toxic chemicals to create that waterproof layer.

Another reason that we really love this mattress is that it’s non-allergenic. Marceline doesn’t seem to have any allergies to latex or wool, but there is a percentage of babies that are born with those kinds of allergies. And so, Naturepedic doesn’t use any wool or latex in their crib mattresses which means it is totally safe for babies even if they have sensitivities or allergies to those ingredients.  

In terms of how much we’ve liked it:

I really just can’t speak highly enough about this mattress. I have total peace of mind about Marceline sleeping on it and spending many hours a day breathing on it, or around it - playing on it… and, she likes to pat it because it's nice and comfy, and jump on it.. all the things. I’m sure that this mattress will be in our family for a long, long time, and hopefully be used for many future babies as well. It’s a really good level of firmness on the infant side, which is what we’ve been using. It seems extremely comfortable, and like I mentioned before, it’s really easy to change. We’ve never had any issues with any leaking into the mattress and it’s really convenient to pull off the outer cover if it gets soiled, and just throw it right in the wash.

We give this mattress two thumbs up! You can purchase Naturepedic’s Breathable and Breathable Ultra 2 stage organic crib mattresses through Modern Nursery.

If you have any questions about the Naturepedic Crib Mattress feel free to reach out to Modern Nursery's customer care team at

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