Create an Art Studio with Nico & Yeye

Create an Art Studio with Nico & Yeye

Are you looking to create a space that will inspire your little one's creativity? Look no further than an art studio in your home! A beautifully designed space can be truly inspiring, and what better way to spark creativity than through art? Our art studio is created in partnership with Modern Nursery + Nico & Yeye.

Keep reading to find out about everything you need to create an art studio that will inspire even the tiniest artists.

Three little dolls set on wood animal-shaped chairs next to the craft kids table.

The Nico & Yeye table and chairs are both beautiful and practical. The animal-shaped chairs are whimsical and fun for kids, yet their clean minimal design effortlessly complements the rest of your home decor. The charm of these pieces will lift your mood every time you walk by them. The little ears get me every time! This set is not something you want to tuck away, it’s something to create an entire space around.

The craft kids' table measures 42" x 27" and offers plenty of room for four to six kids (or adults!) to dive into their projects.

My favorite part are the table legs that can be adjusted to grow with your kids, making this a long-lasting investment. Genius, right?! You can choose a 20.5” height or a 24.5” height. Our table is 20.5” in height with a set of two chairs at 12” height & two chairs at 16” height. This setup works perfectly for us because the table is at a great height for all of us as it allows me to sit comfortably on the floor next to my kids and participate in their creative process.

Two kids set on wood animal-shaped chairs next to the craft kids table. And they are creating art and crafts.Creating art can be incredibly therapeutic, not to mention fun. When I was a kid, I loved creating art. If I wasn’t creating something I might’ve been making up dances with my friend, Lisa. Or, mud pies of course. I wanted to give my kids the same opportunities to create magic at home. And, I’ll tell you what - I did it! Not only are the Nico & Yeye craft table and chairs absolutely perfect for our art studio, but I also get to tap into my wonderful childhood memories and create that same magic with my kids.

Another amazing feature of the Nico & Yeye set is that you can customize every part of it. From the type of sustainable wood to the color of the legs, you can create a set that is uniquely yours. The chair backs are especially adorable, making it difficult to choose just one.

If I were to create another space with the Nico & Yeye table and chairs, I would love to incorporate mint and pink. Mint is a perfect gender-neutral color that brings a cheerful vibe to any space. Also, this set would be perfect in a kitchen or dining area, allowing kids to set their own table and even help with cooking and baking.

There's no reason to wait; start creating an art studio than now! Design every room in your home with the thought of it being a space that inspires you and your family, and get ready to create something magical.

A set of acrylic pencils in one round clear rotating pencil organizer on the table

50 Ideas to Create your Art Studio:

Store your art supplies in clear Acrylic Mason Jars + rotate with new items.

  1. Pom Poms
  2. Mini Stamps
  3. Ribbon
  4. Mini Sticky Notes
  5. Pipe Cleaners (Cut in half)
  6. Pony Beads (Thread beads on pipe cleaners)
  7. Perler Beads
  8. Popsicle Sticks
  9. Colored Popsicle Sticks
  10. Mini bottles of Glitter Glue
  11. Stickers
  12. Letter Beads
  13. Twine
  14. Cut out holiday-themed shapes (hearts, shamrocks, pine trees…)
  15. Holiday Themed Beads
  16. Embroidery Floss
  17. Chalk
  18. Buttons
  19. Googly Eyes
  20. Small foam shape stickers
  21. Sequins
  22. Feathers
  23. Colored Felt Pieces
  24. Rhinestone Jewels
  25. Foam or Paper Alphabet Letters

Store Items like Pens + Crayons in a Circular Acrylic Organizer + a 4 Compartment Acrylic Organizer

  1. Colored Pencils
  2. Sparkle Pens
  3. Paint Brushes
  4. Water Colors
  5. Mini Watercolors
  6. Paint Dotters
  7. Crayons
  8. Gem Crayons
  9. Paint Sticks
  10. Finger Paints
  11. Oil Pastels
  12. Watercolor Gel Crayons
  13. Markers
  14. Acrylic Paint
  15. Air Dry Clay
  16. Brush Markers
  17. Envelopes
  18. Construction Paper
  19. Washable Paint Jars
  20. Watercolor Paper
  21. Acrylic Paint Pens
  22. Watercolor Pencils
  23. Mini Notepads
  24. Neon Watercolor Paint
  25. Journals

Line the table with a Roll of Craft Paper!

Include bright wooden blocks to encourage inspiration.

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The back view of the animal-shaped chairs with two dolls on.


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