Bumbleride's Indie Twin: Disney Edition

Bumbleride's Indie Twin: Disney Edition

Seeing everyone’s Disney posts for the holiday season has made me reminiscent of our trip to Disney in October. We had such a good time and enjoyed every minute of it, but I want to share with you the one item we took with us that made traveling with a 3 and 1 year old that much easier…. The Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller.

First thing we had to do was get the Indie Twin on the plane. Since we love to travel, we needed a double stroller that was a single piece and folded easily. The Indie Twin has a one step fold and stow, with an auto lock keeping the fold secure and tight.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller in front of Nightmare Before Christmas Disney display.

Now if you’re traveling to Disney, they do have stroller regulations that you have to abide by. They don’t allow wagon strollers, and your double stroller has to be within so many inches wide. I remember standing in the airport and the lady who was checking the stroller asked if we were going to Disney, and we said yes. Her response was, “Oh, they’re allowing double strollers again?” I saw the sheer look of panic on Jason’s face, but of course I had already researched and knew that you could take a double stroller into the park, as long as it wasn’t more than 31”. Luckily, the Bumbleride Indie Twin comes in at 30”. Cutting it close? Yes, but it still meets the double stroller requirements for Disneyland.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller on the streets of Disney.

When you’re going to be walking miles around an area with two kids, you want a double stroller that is going to be reliable and easy to push. The Indie Twin has 4 , 12” air-filled tires with all-wheel suspension. Meaning you can take this stroller on almost any surface, including sand!

When both kids are in the stroller, I can easily control the steering with one hand and little effort.

We traveled to Disneyland in October when the weather was about 75°, meaning there would be sun. Sun protection was important, as we didn’t want the kids to get sunburned or heat exhaustion from all the exercise we were getting while at Disney. The Indie Twin has spacious canopies with UPF 45+ protection plus an extra pop out extension to offer ample sun protection. Leaving the kids cool and comfortable while they relaxed throughout the park. Be sure to take your parent duffel bag along with sunscreen and all your travel essentials.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller on the streets of Disney.

The Indie Twin has multiple customizable options outside of all the performance specs. Making this stroller the best option for our family.


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