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Building an EMF-Safe Nursery for Your Newborn

Low Emissions and More

A Blog Post by Dr. Christine Langer

At the forefront of every parent’s mind is nursery safety! It is not uncommon for parents to spend hours looking for the perfect nursery products for their child. Ultimately, it's the safety of your baby that matters! When deciding on a theme, paint colors and decor for your baby’s nursery, it is indeed essential to keep nursery safety in mind, as well as EMFs. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as Radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting. That's why eco-conscious parents love Bebcare low EMF emissions baby monitors!

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What are Wireless Emissions?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a form of electromagnetic radiation. It’s utilized to send out data-carrying information in the form of radio waves. Radio waves are broadcast using a transmitter. During a call, for example, your voice is transmitted over radio waves as you speak on your cell phone. In this case, the receiver is the phone of the person you are calling and it converts your voice back into the signal. Other wireless devices, such as radios, Wi-Fi routers, satellites, pacemakers and your baby monitor, may emit or receive RF energy waves in addition to cell phones.

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Why Does Wireless Emissions Matter in Your Nursery

When it comes to baby safety, parents must exercise the greatest caution. Infants are more at risk from wireless emissions.

Some studies have suggested that exposure to EMFs leads to cancer, depending on the source of information. In addition to that, there have been scientific studies that indicated a link between exposure to electromagnetic fields and certain learning disabilities, including ADHD. In spite of this, stakeholders on both sides have arguments to make.

Visible Light Spectrum & Wavelengths

Make your Nursery a Safe and Low Emission Place in 5 Steps!

  1. Make sure your electronics are ultra-low emissions, including your baby monitor! Bebcare baby monitors utilize DSR Digital Safe Radio technology, reducing the wireless emissions from the monitor. When compared to a typical DECT baby monitor, the level of emissions can be 95% lower.

  2. High-power devices like your WiFi router will continue to emit frequencies all night long, which can interfere with our brains during sleep. Turning off that router at night will help reduce EMF exposure giving you and your little one a better chance of a deeper rest!

  3. Create a safe sleep space. As a precaution against SIDS, there should only be two things in your baby's crib: a firm, tight-fitting mattress and a crib sheet. Mirrors or picture frames can seriously injure your baby if they fall. Avoid hanging decorations in reach of the crib with long strings, ribbons, or anything else that could pose a strangulation hazard.

  4. For added safety you can use furniture wall anchors. You can install a screw-mounted device into the wall to attach to bookcases, dressers, and the changing table so they can’t tip. Don't leave anything swaying!

  5. Ensure you hang the crib mobile correctly. The string can be a strangulation hazard, so you never want to hang anything on or near where your baby sleeps, including a crib mobile. Instead, you can hang the mobile from the ceiling - just be sure to use a hanger to attach the mobile at a height your baby can't reach.

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