Charlie Crane is here to support parents in those first precious months and years with their baby.

Bonjour Charlie Crane!


The TAMI awakening mat by Charlie Crane is exceptionally comfortable and soft.

In 2021, the global pandemic and related efforts to protect life and well-being were the biggest influence on society. When you have a newborn in your home or are expecting a baby, the number one priority of all parents is to provide a healthy and safe environment for a child to grow up in. Making your baby nursery eco-friendly, environmentally and ethically minded will help secure a greener, happier future. Every small decision adds up in a big way. Creating an eco-friendly nursery is not only better for the planet but also better for your little one’s health.

Charlie Crane, a Paris-based brand of baby and children’s furniture with a 10-year long tradition, favours noble and natural materials such as curved wood and organic fabrics. Designers are at the heart of the brand's approach, especially the new generation of French designers who bring to it not only the tradition of technical excellence but also an openness to a variety of foreign influences, particularly Scandinavian design from the 1950s and 1960s.

As a result of Charlie Crane's ambition to create beautiful and stylish furniture that infuses adult codes into the child's world, parents proudly display his creations around their home. The baby rocker is integrated into the living room decoration; the high chair matches the dining room table and chairs and the cot becomes a work of art! All its items are designed for real life. Charlie Crane is here to support parents in those first precious months and years with their baby. Enjoy every bit of it, we’ve got your back!

CHARLIE CRANE THROUGH CHILDHOOD: Natural materials as a key to simplicity!

Having a baby is a life-altering experience and as good parents, you obviously want the best for your little one. Driven by the wish to support your baby’s awakening in the first months, Charlie Crane designed the following pieces which are also a wonderful addition to a modern, eco-friendly nursery!

Levo Rocker with and without the Levo Arch


Your baby needs a secure environment that is adapted to its motor skills. It is essential that all babies have a quality rocker in their first months. The LEVO rocker is ideal for babies up to approximately 7 months with the harness, and then it transforms into a mini rocking chair as soon as the harness is removed so you can use it for 5 years! It is eco-friendly which means it is safer for your little one and their delicate skin.



It is by interacting with your child you help develop its ability to move, catch objects and discover the outside world. From birth, an arch will help stimulate your baby's sight and motor skills. With its natural wooden toys: cloud, ring, and wooden beads, the LEVO activity arch will allow your baby to be awakened and entertained in their rocker. Also, this version in beech wood completes your LEVO baby rocker perfectly!


The NAHO arch will be perfectly installed on our TAMI play mat to create a beautiful effect.


From 2-3 months, you may encourage your baby to hold its head, which is very vital for proper development! To do so, place your baby on its tummy on a playmat from time to time. The TAMI awakening mat is exceptionally comfortable for all newborns. Besides being 100% cotton poplin, it is made of 3 cm thick foam certified CertiPUR (safe for babies), which gives it a soft feel.


From 4 to 8 months old your baby is starting to discover the world with its own little hands. You should vary your baby's position on the playmat. Is your schedule busy? Place the arch over the playmat, and let your baby play and observe. The arch has a distinct advantage: no more toys that fall over and need to be picked up! With its wooden toys of different shapes, the NAHO arch is a perfect addition to our TAMI playmat.


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