10 Tips for a Safe Halloween

10 Tips for a Safe Halloween

Whether you're a ghost or a ghoul, we want everyone to have a fun Halloween. With treats on the mind, it is easy to get wrapped up in (the candy bar) madness. However, it is important to remember to stay safe this Halloween. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or this is your first Halloween with your kiddo, try following these 10 tips for a safe Halloween.

1. Plan your route

Having a solid plan of where to go will help fight fatigue and combat grumpy kids. This will also help you prepare to know which houses will be offering treats versus tricks.

2. Choosing the right costume

If you plan to purchase a costume make sure it's flame retardant. Decorations can be unpredictable and so can those who are looking for tricks rather than treats. If you child's costume includes a fake weapon, make sure it's flexible. This prevents your child from harming themselves or their friends.

3. Face paint and make-up > costume masks

Try to avoid costumes that require masks, which can make it hard for your kiddo to breath and obstruct their vision especially at night.

4. Reflective tape

You want drivers to be able to see your child during their trick-or-treat scavenge. Putting reflective tape on your child's costume and/or treats bag will make it easier for drivers to spot your child. Fun Tip: if you have a pumpkin bucket, you can place the reflective tape on the eyes and mouth to create a fun jack-o-lantern.

5. No nibbles

Eat a snack before trick-or-treating to curve your child's hunger and lower the urge to nibble on candy that hasn't been inspected.

6. Discourage running off

It can be hard for children not to get overly excited about gathering as much candy as possible, they'll have the urge to bolt from one house to the next which can make it dangerous when it comes to crossing the street or passing past drive-ways. Discourage kids from running off or bolting across the street.

7. Stay close

Along with discouraging your kiddo from running off, try to keep little ones under the age of 7 close to you. Carrying a glow stick or flashlight helps make seeing easier and helps them know to stay close to you rather than running off in the dark.

8. Staying in a group

They say it takes a village! Link up with other parents in the neighborhood to go trick-or-treating in a group. It allows children to participate with their friends and keeps more eyes on their safety.

9. Trick-or-treating with older kids 

If your older kids decide they'd rather trick-or-treat with their friends, encourage them to wear some sort of identification like a name tag or carry around a card with your contact information. Another good alternative is to buy a prepaid call phone and programming any emergency numbers in it so that your kiddo can reach you at any time.

10. Innnnspection!

Your child(ren) will want to dive into their tasty treasures at the end of the night. However, you will want to inspect their candy. Toss away anything that looks tampered with, has puncture holes, anything not in its original packaging or homemade. We hope these tips help you have a safe but fun Halloween!