Organic Bare Infant Lounger

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  • Eco-friendly
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When you shop for organic baby products you are limiting your child’s exposure to harmful toxins likepesticides.Not only are they safe for your baby, but the natural and biodegradable ingredients are also safe for the environment.

BPA Free

BPA [bisphenol A] is an industrial chemical found in plastic, epoxy resins, and even food and water containers. This chemical has been linked to adverse health effects in fetuses, newborns and children.

GOTS Certified

GOTS certification tests for the use of harmful chemicals and toxins, as well as verifying environmentally and socially responsible production of organic textiles.


OEKO-TEX® certified products pass rigorous tests in 18 different labs in Europe and Japan to guarantee maximum consumer safety.

No Added Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is something you want to stay away from because it is a cancerous, strong-smelling, colorless gas commonly found in pressed-wood products.

Phthalates Free

Phthalates disrupt the body's hormones and some are known carcinogens. The chemicals from baby gear and wallpaper can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed.


PFAS-free baby products do not containpoly-fluorinated alkyl substances which are a group of around 4,700 industrial chemicals that can be found everywhere around us.

Fire Retardant Free

Fire retardants are chemicals that are often sprayed onto car seats and baby products to make them fire resistant. But, these poisonous chemicals are known to cause hormone disruption, neurological damage and even cancer.

Give your baby the comforting feeling of being hugged even in moments when you can’t have your hands wrapped around them. The Snuggle Me Infant is an innovative lounging pad designed to hug the baby’s entire body and provide the feeling of security and comfort without the need for an extra pair of hands. Its unique shape will soothe your little one and allow new parents to do supervised lounging completely hands-free! Thanks to its sleek design and minimalistic look, the Snuggle Me Infant is not only going to be extremely helpful in your day to day life with an infant, but will also look beautiful in any modern home.


  • Suitable for children ages 0-9 months who are not yet crawling
  • Made of 100% organic, non-toxic, GOTS certified, hypoallergenic and breathable fabrics, and filled with polyester fiber fill. Free of Flame Retardants, Ethylene Glycol, BPA's, Phthalates and Lead.
  • Fully machine washable. Wash sparingly, on cold settings, with mild detergent and gentle agitation. Air dry or use dryer on cool temperature settings.
  • Grows with the child: at first, the baby will be able to completely fit into the center-sling. As they grow, their legs will begin to drape over the bottom of the lounger.
  • Lounger dimensions:  29’’ x 17’’ x 4.5’’
  • Lounger weight: 5 lbs.
  • Center-sling dimensions: 20.5’’ x 7’’
  • Made 100% locally in Minnesota, US
  • Cover sold separately

Please note all of our fabrics are organically dyed and can vary slightly in color. Colors may also appear slightly darker/lighter depending on the calibration of the device you are shopping with.

Stitching colors may vary based on supply and availability.

Safety guidelines:

Thoughtfully designed with your baby’s comfort in mind.
Use your lounger to actively engage with your little one while they are lounging, enjoying tummy time or sitting up. The Snuggle Me® Lounger is NOT a sleeping device, and should never NEVER be put in a bassinet or crib. NEVER leave your baby unsupervised in the lounger, and NEVER use your lounger as a sleep device. NEVER place on soft or uneven surfaces.

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