Luna Battery Powered Breast Pump

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5 Out of 6 Moms Got More Milk in Less Time With The Luna

Motif partnered with a research firm to prove moms' claims of getting More Milk in Less Time with the Luna. Their study found that 5 out of 6 moms said the Luna gave them "more milk in less time" than the leading pump brands.

It features a lot of additional features like the Expression Mode that works to express milk from the breast as efficiently as possible, Massage Mode that helps stimulate let-down by mimicking a baby's nursing pattern, and an Auto Shut-Off that turns the pump off after 30 minutes of use.

The Luna only requires simple setup and easy customization options so you can quickly find what works great for you and your baby. Its lightweight 2-pound design is built compact for easy mobility, especially when moving around the house or traveling. The breast pump also has sturdily built and stark printed scale that makes measuring simple.


  • The double-pumping mechanism expresses from both breasts at the same time to save time and support milk supply.
  • Effortlessly switch from Massage to Expression mode with just a press of a single button.
  • Easily adjust suction level and cycles for maximum comfort and an effective pumping session.
  • You can choose from three different light levels, making it great for pumping at night.
  • Innovated with Moms in mind, the Motif Luna is a powerful breast pump designed to blend with a modern aesthetic.

What’s Included:
2 24mm Breast Shields, 2 Silicone Valves, 2 Backflow Protectors, 2 Tubings, 2 Milk Collection Containers, 2 Milk Collection Container Caps, Covers, and Disks, 2 Bottle Nipples