LAXSeries 2x5 Bookcase

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LAXSeries 2x5 Bookcase

Bookcase bliss. Browse titles easily on this clean, compartmentalized bookshelf. Your literary collection speaks loudly; your furniture shouldnt.

Dimensions: 29.25" W x 15.5" D x 75" H

It's simple. MASHstudios designs perfect shapes that fit seamlessly into your home. From beds and desks to shelves and coffee tables, our unique suite of furniture incorporates subtly into spaces, without distracting or overwhelming. The LAXseries is crafted carefully from high-grade materials, including English walnut and powder-coated white aluminum. Solid wood and a natural oil finish give all the pieces in the collection a distinctly warm, organic touch. Meanwhile, the line is understated, yet distinct, and there are no extraneous parts or superfluous additions. The MASHstudios philosophy is that furniture should be effortless.