MASHstudios Furniture

      MASHstudios creates beautifully unique and site-specific workplace environments. Products are never out-of-the-box and no two designs are alike. The multi-disciplinary, Los Angeles-based design firm combines award-winning design and engineering experience with local manufacturing capabilities to challenge the status quo of modern design. Every project reflects the unique culture, brand, and needs of our clients. Working closely with their clients, they create products. MASHStudios has several sub-brands, currently, we carry the LAXseries and PCHseries lines from them.

      LAXseries began in 2003 with one piece, the 3X Wall Mounted Shelf. The piece was designed while delayed in Los Angeles’ International Airport (LAX) by Bernard Brucha. Since then, LAXseries has grown into a suite of unique and modern furniture. Each piece is crafted carefully from the highest quality materials, including English walnut, natural oil finishes, powder-coated aluminum, polished copper, and cast iron.

      The PCHseries was designed to be a modern classic, one that would outlive trendy aesthetics or cheap construction. Where many other comparable products may deteriorate or fall out of style over time, the PCHseries uses superior craftsmanship, the highest of quality materials, and clean, simple lines to ensure longevity and sustainability.

      With over a decade of experience, MASHstudios has honed the process, every approach to each project is like an explorer, re-imagining traditional models of workspace design, and seeking new ways to blend architecture, branding, and the workspace environment. Their answer to sustainability is to make durable objects that last. MASHstudios chooses to work with responsibly harvested or manufactured materials and produce minimal waste in the process. MASHstudios believes that superior design is the natural outcome of a healthy collaborative process, and that simple details and perfect proportion communicate clarity, intent, and harmony.

      18 products

      18 products