Sensory Play Mat

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When you shop for organic baby products you are limiting your child’s exposure to harmful toxins likepesticides.Not only are they safe for your baby, but the natural and biodegradable ingredients are also safe for the environment.

Sustainably Made

Sustainability comes in many forms, from ethical labor practices that give back to the surrounding community, to environmental protection - like zero-waste manufacturing or planting trees for each product sold.

GOTS Certified

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No Added Formaldehyde

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Phthalates Free

Phthalates disrupt the body's hormones and some are known carcinogens. The chemicals from baby gear and wallpaper can be ingested, inhaled or absorbed.

Recycled Materials

Recycling is a trend, and we love it! Consumerism is a huge problem today, and there are ways to combat the issue. Recycled materials help keep our landfills clean, and also saves energy, water and money.

What better way to enjoy tummy time than with something fun to look at? The Etta Loves Sensory Play Mat includes a revolutionary pattern design - not only is it incredibly interesting to babies, but it also provides visual stimulus and encourages your little one's brain development. Babes are fascinated with these prints, so much so that they're going to want to push up to take a better look - a perfect exercise for their neck, shoulder and back muscles!

From ages 0-4 months, your baby will love the black and white print. When they turn 5 months and they are able to see colors properly, simply turn the play mat over for a whole new world of colorful patterns!


  • Dimensions: 39'' diameter
  • Materials: organic cotton cover, polyester padding
  • Machine washable
  • Comes with a band to hold it together when rolled up - perfect for on the go!

To find out more about the benefits of these patterns and get some inspiration on ways to use your Etta Loves Play Mat, click here!

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