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Perfect for the stroller or tummy time, the Etta Loves Sensory Strip is a perfect way to keep your child entertained and encourage their development at the same time. With a black and white side for 0-4 month olds, and a colorful side for older babies, these adorable patterns stimulate the child's vision by making their eyes focus on every bit of these intricate prints.

To use the strip, simply attach it around the inner side of the stroller; alternatively, put the strip in front of your babe during tummy time - the pattern will make the baby want to push up to look at it, activating their neck, shoulder and back muscles!


  • Dimensions: 35'' x 5.9''
  • Includes tie tags for easy attachment
  • Materials: organic cotton outer layer, polyester padding
  • Machine washable

To find out more about the benefits of these patterns and get some inspiration on ways to use your strip, click here!

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