UPPAbaby Vista v. Vista V2

UPPAbaby Vista v. Vista V2

2020 is a new year and a new time for resolutions and changes. For 2020, the UPPAbaby Vista is getting itself a new makeover that's going to take the convenience, reliability, safety features and more that we were crazy about for the Vista and bring it to a whole new level. We've got new colors to look forward to, cutting-edge improvements to legendary maneuverability, an increase in size for a roomier toddler seat and an entirely redesigned canopy for added ventilation and sun protection. Phew! And if that's not enough, UPPAbaby added a no-rethread harness for the easiest of adjustments on the go. The Release date for UPPAbaby's new innovative Vista V2 2020 is expected mid-February of 2020 and honestly, we cannot wait. Let's take a quick comparison of the features between the Vista V2 2020 and the Vista.


UPPAbaby Vista V2 2020 new colors:

  1. Alice Dusty Pink with silver frame and saddle leather
  2. Finn Deep Sea with silver frame and chestnut leather
  3. Hazel Olive Green with silver frame and saddle leather
  4. Sierra Dune Knit with silver frame and black leather.
UPPAbaby 2019 colors that are continuing into 2020 with added features:
  1. Bryce White Mark, silver frame and chestnut leather
  2. Emmet Green Melange with silver frame and saddle leather
  3. Gregory Blue Melange with silver frame and saddle leather
  4. Jake Black with black frame and black leather
  5. Jordan Charcoal Melange with silver frame and black leather
UPPAbaby will be discontinuing these colors and won't be available for the V2 2020:
  1. Henry Blue Marl
  2. William Oxford Chambray
  3. Spenser Tartan Plaid

Wheels and Movement

  • Vista V2 2020 features completely redesigned spring-action suspension and softer wheels to absorb more bumps and keep young ones from being jostled.
  • Unlike the original Vista, Vista V2 2020 now has bright green indicators that provide parents with a visual signal to always let you know when the wheels are locked.
  • Vista V2's toddler seat was remade completely to allow for more room, allowing more diversity for toddlers of all sizes with a higher back and deeper footrest. V2 2020 backrest is now 20" tall as opposed to Vista's 19".


  • No more extendable canopy, instead there are brand new fully zipped extended canopies on the toddler sear and rumble seat for the V2 This includes zip-out fabric that provides more shade from the sun and mesh panels that make it a breeze to peek in on baby while ensuring they have plenty of airflow.
  • Single motion no-rethread harness that can be adjusted in a single motion for complete ease and providing the most precise fit for growing babies. Vista's 2019 harness is manually adjusted.
  • The V2 2020 seat is also reversible and offers six recline positions with just a single hand to raise or lower the seat.
These changes to UPPAbaby's Vista to the V2 2020 are significant. Fashion-forward styles and safety upgrades that make the V2 2020 a premium departure from their 2019 Vista. The UPPAbaby V2 2020 is now an absolute must-have for the parent who still wants to keep their look updated and baby protected and will no doubt be the hottest stroller of the year!