Eco Friendly Toys for One Year Olds

Eco Friendly Toys for One Year Olds

Play is the highest form of research. -Albert Einstein

What are the most important qualities in choosing toys for our one year olds? Safety. Style. Creativity. Sustainability. Responsibility. Comfort. Happiness. The best toys encourage creativity + bring beauty to our spaces. Here are three toys from Modern Nursery that are perfect for your one year old.

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. -Fred Rogers

Parents + caregivers have long daily to-do lists, but if we give our children 20 minutes of our undivided attention daily, it will mean the world to them + positively impact their development. The Dream House, Flip + Baby Activity Walker are toys that are fun for kids + parents, too.

cute baby sitting in front of The Dream House

Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning. - Fred Rogers

The Dream House is a dream. The opportunities for play are endless. Play peek-a-bo. Take care of stuffed animals inside. A cozy place to read books. Make pretend mud pies + soups. Play puzzles. Play school. Rest with coloring books. Water pretend flowers. Play a game of matching cards inside. Drive cars through the two doors. Build blocks inside. Create a road outside. Play dress up inside. Tell stories + rest on cozy pillows.

The future of the world is in our homes today.

cute baby playing with the flipThe Flip is such a fun toy for babies, toddlers + my big kids like to try it, too. The wheels drive so smoothly on the wood floor, fun for a cautious one year old. And, exciting for a 4 year old that can learn to spin + glide on the Flip. Carefully push the Flip on the carpet while the little ones learn to walk. The best memories are when the one year old pushes the four year old around! With the innovative flipping mechanism, the Wishbone Flip transforms in seconds from rock to roll - With no tools required! It's a rocker. It's a push-toy. It's a ride-on. The Wishbone Flip brings together contemporary form and super-functionality in a timeless toy. This is a toy I absolutely recommend for any little one, especially to get healthy kinesthetic movement in daily while in the house.

If it hasn’t been in the hand... And in the body… It can’t be in the brain. -Bev Bos

Whether your little one is a sitter, squatter, stander or walker, they will love the Activity Walker. The sitting baby can sort the 6 shapes into the shape sorter, where the hidden shelf will catch the pieces. Baby can also play with the cell phone that fits in its own holder. Call mom or Dad! See what creative ideas the siblings can create with the cell phone. Or, try the squares that make characters, and the 5 counting flaps. The standing baby can see themselves in the mirror, play with the bead maze, or slide the beads on the abacus and the walking toddler can push the walker and be delighted by the noise made by the rotating beads.

Early development of our little ones is so important + we have the opportunity to foster beautiful experiences for our one year olds through intentional play. Each day we can offer small yet beautiful opportunities for our children to learn:

cute baby playing with the activity walker









Time spent playing with kids is never lost. Create something beautiful.

Modern Nursery has a curated offering of beautiful, eco friendly, sustainable, safe + stylish products that the whole family will love. Modern Nursery hand-picks the best products in the industry so parents can rest assured that products purchased from MN are both high-quality and kid-centered. Modern Nursery helps you make your space into a creative + gorgeous environment you will love playing with your little one in.

Photography by: // © Lindsey Lee & Co.

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