UPPAbaby Cruz vs Cruz V2

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Cruz V2

2020 is the year that UPPAbaby, one of the most trusted and beloved cutting-edge tech strollers in the world is stunning us once again by taking the design of their Cruz and making it even better.

While the UPPAbaby V2 2020 Cruz shares the same name as the 2019 version and still features familiar design elements, there are a variety of improvements that are going to set the Cruz V2 2020 worlds apart from its predecessor. One thing important to note is due to these upgrades in safety and sizes, the Cruz V2 2020 will be a pound or two heavier than your Cruz from 2019.

UPPAbaby has listened to their loyal fans and has upped the size of their standard stroller seat, accommodating more babies and toddlers of differing sizes. A higher back, longer leg rest and deeper footrest have been implemented in the Cruz V2 2020 making the Cruz V2 a completely newer, more improved comfortable stroller for your precious cargo. The car seat has been improved, making it extra-protective by a five-point, no-rethread harness that's shockingly simple to use and adjust.

The canopy offers hardy UPF50+ protection from the sun with zipper-extendable canopy.

One of the most major differences between the Cruz V2 and the Cruz 2019 can be seen in each of the stroller's wheels. Dual-action suspension and rear suspension on its large wheels have been added for a ride even smoother than before. Specialized suspension for the front and back wheels of the Cruz V2 2020 compared to the general suspension on the Cruz 2019 makes the V2 the more stable, less jostling stroller yet. To add to that, the UPPAbaby Cruz V2 2020 features larger wheels making the Cruz V2 the ultimate improvement to one of the world's most beloved strollers.

Accessory-wise, the Cruz 2019 and Cruz V2 2020 remain about the same high-caliber quality we expect from UPPAbaby. The Cruz V2 2020 will feature new color palettes based on the hottest trends of 2020 though, showing us that UPPAbaby knows how to balance great taste and exceptional protection.

With the massive improvements in seating, overhaul in maneuverability and completely redesigned suspension, we think the UPPAbaby Cruz V2, releasing sometime in February 2020 is going to be a must-have upgrade for any UPPAbaby Cruz parent that wants the absolute best for their baby and their lifestyle!