Starry Sky Space Rockets Wall Stickers

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A Flashing Sight and view so Bright, these shiny Space Crafts are made of Moon Dust and Star Lights. Please note, this is for the Space Ships only, the Robots as seen in some of the pictures can be purchased additionally.

23 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:

• 1 Space Rocket: Firecracker

• 2 Space Ships: Moon Rocket & NASA Orbiter

• 3 Space Balls: Spider Spies

• 17 Shooting Stars

 Varying from about 3” big for the smallest star – 63” tallest space ship with fire

Use as a single design for simple fun, or combine various favorites to add some funky & spunky to any room for an interactive experience. PICTURE POETRY unique in its concept and application you create your own fabulous & flexible artistic mural constantly changing as your mood depicts and time evolves.