How Tall Am I? Growth Chart Wall Stickers

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Made of carrots & beans and broccoli sprouts, this makes one grow round about.

30 Chic Fabric Stickers includes:

  • 1 Height Chart:
    Measuring 58” or 4’ 10” and marked every ½”
    Height chart starts at 8” to accommodate for footboards, skirtings etc.
    Featuring Uncle Ellie, Mr. Roarrr & Little Crockie
  • 1 Baby Elephant, Ollie
  • 1 Flashy Flamingo
  • 3 Tweetie Birdies
  • 3 Cotton Candy Clouds
  • 21 Height Markers for ages:
  • Newborn Star, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 1 Year, 15 months, 18 months, 21 months, 2 Years, 2½ Years, 3 Years, 3½ Years, 4 Years, 4½ Years, 5 Years, 5½ Years, 6 Years, 7 Years, 8 Years, 9 Years, 10 Years

Decal Height:
Height Chart measures 58” – the remaining stickers are all scaled proportionately accordingly.

You will receive your order laid out on a sheet size of 30” x 52". It will be in a well-protected poster tube, which is recommended for storing the backing paper in.

Tips & Tricks:
Pop & Lolli chic fabric wall stickers are ultra easy to install and play with. Just peel and stick. Application is a simple 3-step process of peel, place, and then smooth with your hand. They can be repeatedly rearranged and easily removed. Freshly painted walls should be completely dry before applying the product. Pop & Lolli requires to wait at least 60 days after painting before you apply our fabric decals. Even though the paint will feel dry to the touch soon after painting, it is still wet and will react with the eco-friendly, non-toxic water-based adhesive so the decals not stick properly. Drying time depends on the environment, the time of year, the number of layers of paint and the paint brand used. For very large and oversized stickers with some complicated shapes, expect to need a helping hand, start from one end to gently smooth the sticker out as you work your way to the other end.

When you’re ready to move or store it for future use, return them to their original wax-coated backing paper and safely store them in the protective tube. Keeping the adhesive side free of debris and dust when rearranging will help extend the long life of the product.

  • Made in the USA of nontoxic materials and lead free ink.
  • No PVC and uses a very eco-friendly water based adhesive.
  • Utilizes the new Eco-Sol Max inks, solvent inks that provide durability and UV resistance without the harsh chemicals used in mild and full solvent printing.
  • Made from an ultra premium, re-usable, finely woven polyester fabric.
  • Will not shrink, curl, peel, rip easily*, stretch, wrinkle, crack, harden or leave a residue over time. *It is noted that certain areas are compromised in its strength due to the shape, this results in weaker corners.
  • Will easily pull free, if it turns in and sticks to itself.