Fanciful Fishes Wall Stickers

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Fancy and bright, these fashion forward Fishies could almost take flight! Made from argyle, florals and a bit of lace, anywhere for these Fanciful Fishies would be a good place!

Please note is is for the Fish only and the water as depicted in the picture can be purchased separately.

17 Chic Fabric Stickers include:

• Mr Whally the Whale and his Fanciful 3 piece Water Fountain

• Sweet Salmon #1 & Sweet Salmon #2

• School of Rock-Fish: Teacher, Scholar #1, #2 & #3

• Mr. & Mrs. BlowUp

• Mafia Swimmers #1 & #2

• Silly Soles #1 & #2

• Mr. HookFish

Character Height:
 Varying from about 4” – 26”

Use as a single design for simple fun, or combine various favorites to add some funky & spunky to any room for an interactive experience. PICTURE POETRY unique in its concept and application you create your own fabulous & flexible artistic mural constantly changing as your mood depicts and time evolves.