Mini Chef Learning Tower

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Mini Chef Learning Tower

The MINI CHEF transformable and evolutionary learning tower is a product of the Micussori line, the Montessori family of Micuna. It will be of great help in the first years of the child's life. In the stage of more interest and curiosity, it will help them reach those places that are difficult to access such as the kitchen bench or the toilet, helping the child to be more autonomous, following the Montessori philosophy .

It has handles for easy transport and when it is no longer used as a learning tower, its use can be extended by using it as a storage unit.

Its finishes prevent the child from being hurt, it does not have screws with which it can get caught or tripped.

Designed and manufactured in Spain. Made of pine wood with non-toxic varnishes . All our woods come from sustainably managed forests and we develop our designs, production and distribution under the premises of eco-design . We are deeply committed to green manufacturing.