Cuddly Bear Meditation Cushion

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Cuddly Bear Meditation Cushion
Cuddly Bear Meditation Cushion
Cuddly Bear Meditation Cushion
Cuddly Bear Meditation Cushion

Think of a cuddly bear, keeping you company and keeping you safe. Something that is always with you… like your breath! Let this cuddly bear help you find your inhale and exhale. Then you can find more joy and laughter in the day.

Our kids meditation cushions have been designed to help your little ones slow down. We designed these pieces for busy minds and busy bodies. The pieces are meant to help kids manage their emotions — teaching them go breathe through what they’re feeling. We hope these pieces inspire calm, focus, playfulness and self love.

  • Handmade in India with love.
  • With the purchase of this cushion, you will receive a free guided meditation to help your child settle into their body and breath.
  • Benefits of kids meditating

    • Learning to focus (Focusing on one thing at a time)
    • Reducing anxiety and stress (Helping them find their breath)
    • Regulates Emotions (Less meltdowns by reducing their impulsivity)


    • 100% cotton: Our cushions are handmade in India by male and female artisans using 100% cotton. Both the cotton knitted exterior and cotton filling.
    • Note: Cushion covers are not removable These pieces are spot clean only.
    • Size + Weight

      • Approx. 20 inches long
      • Approx 2.0 pounds