Puffy Wings Washable Rug

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Puffy Wings Washable Rug
Puffy Wings Washable Rug
Puffy Wings Washable Rug
Puffy Wings Washable Rug
Puffy Wings Washable Rug
Puffy Wings Washable Rug

DREAM with this rug and integrated wing cushion 2 in 1! The Puffy collection stands out for its comfortable, practical design and creates a dreamy decoration.

The wings-shaped cushion on one of the designs plays the role of a support for babies, which allows parents to keep doing their tasks while their baby is held securely and relaxed. Both cushion and rug have the same soft texture and are made from natural cotton. The rug can be used as a playground. Baby can sit on the sheep and imagine he/she is in the field.

Domestically washable: easy to wash, and can be washed in a conventional washing machine.
Handmade: carefully handmade one by one, and in a traditional way.
Eco-friendly: Natural cotton and nontoxic dyes.
Light thanks to their soft and flexible composition.
Easy to combine: you can combine it with other elements to create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Pile: 60% cotton 40% other fibres
Base: recycled cotton

Size : 63" L x 47.24" W

Certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001

Machine wash (capacity 19.84 lbs or more) separately using a delicate, 30ºC program without whitening.
Use a light soap, and do not use softeners.
Do not leave in the machine once the wash has finished, as the colors may run or stain.
Tumble dry at low temperature.
Avoid drying in the sun.
Don't worry if lint appears, as this is residue fiber produced from cutting the cotton. During the first few days, it is advisable to sweep the rug with a hard brush in the direction of the plush, and then it is recommended to use the vacuum cleaner.
Should you find any long or loose threads, cut these using a pair of scissors. Never pull a thread.
Keep away from fire.

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