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The Cococho Baby carrier was designed especially for intensive daily use and long-term carrying. With the Cococho carrier, you secure the baby in the carrier BEFORE wearing. After securing, the carrier can be worn easily, safely, and independently, both in the front or back position, just like wearing a backpack.

Thanks to Cococho's unique structure and method:

* It is easy to off-load a baby who has fallen asleep in the carrier without waking. The baby can be kept sleeping in the carrier under attention.

* This is the carrier which is the easiest to load unassistedly and directly on your back (there is no need to wear the carrier in the front or on the hip and only then swivel towards the back). Babies love to be carried on their parents' backs and join their daily activities. For parents, it is the most ergonomic carrying position, and at the same time super practical. The front of the body in unobstructed, allowing to easily perform daily chores, to give attention to other siblings in the family, and allows to walk safely (baby does not block parent's view).

* Cococho is the carrier you can start carrying on your back from the earliest stage compared to other soft structured carriers. Cococho's minimum weight for back carrying is 13.5lbs plus baby must have firm head control. There is no need to wait until baby can sit firmly.

* You can swap from one parent (or caretaker) to another easily and quickly, without having to remove the baby from the carrier.

Additional features of the Cococho:

* It adapts to the baby's development and needs from birth to 3-4 years (7-40lbs).

* Ergonomic for the parent - allows for optimal weight distribution and comfortable to use. Adjustable for a very wide size range.

* Dynamic waist belt allows to carry the baby in the recommended physiological position for the normal development of the hip joint. The Cococho is approved by the International hip Dysplasia Institute.

* The carrier provides passive, built-in head support which allows baby to straighten the head and look around comfortably. There is no need to reach for a hoody when the baby is carried on the back.

* The space created inside the carrier is adjustable and roomy at the top, allowing baby to stay with arms inside the carrier and use them.

* Baby can be fed while still in the carrier, both while carrying or after off-loading.