Mammoth Bag

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Your life requires more than a standard-sized diaper bag and the under-seat storage provided by your stroller. Your baby has lots of essentials for a day out in the world, and you do too! The Bugaboo Mammoth Bag can hold up to 26 pounds, and does so without throwing off your stroller's weight distribution (or cramping your style!). It sits neatly out of the way on the base of your compatible Bugaboo stroller (see below) and is easily attached and detached for loading and unloading. Avoid that pack mule look and pick up your Mammoth Bag today!


  • Compatible with the Bugaboo Fox, Cameleon3, or Buffalo (made after 2014) strollers
  • Please note: This bag is not compatible with the Bugaboo Bee Strollers - Please see the Bugaboo Bee Mammoth Bag (BGB-BMB)
  • Can only be attached to the stroller when the toddler seat is being used (not the bassinet)
  • Holds up to 26 pounds of luggage
  • Easily attached and detached