Activity Cube

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Asweets Activity Cube

Our Baby Activity Cube is soft and squishy, and has lots of little surprises that will delight your baby. Sweet animal faces along with flaps and moving pieces will help develop fine motor skills and provide sensory stimulation. Fun for all stages of baby’s development. This is where it all begins and where we start to interact with the world. Developmental milestones occur in the first year when babies learn to focus their vision, reach out, explore, and learn about the things that are around them. Cognitive development means the learning process of memory, language, thinking, and reasoning. The way we cuddle, hold, and play with baby will set the basis for how they will interact with others. The touch and feel of our baby toys help to enrich these milestones. This activity cube would be a cute new addition to your Childs toys.

Featuring a llama face, a sheep face, and a panda mask with rings, flaps, ears made of fleece and a plush on a string!

20cm d x 20cm h7.88” d x 7.88” h