Nursery Works: Aura Metal Bassinet

Nursery Works Aura Metal Bassinet

In a contemporary twist on the style of the 1920’s, Nursery Works Aura Metal Bassinet is a modern interpretation of woven rattan furniture and an elegant, art deco masterpiece. This warm and enveloping shape is created with electro-plated, mold-formed, tubular steel with curved and overlapping rails and finished off with an opulent rich rose gold metallic. Enjoy this crib in any room of your home during your little one’s first few months thanks to its removable wheels with locking casters. This means it’s a great choice for families who want to keep their kiddo close all day long, don’t want to purchase a cradle for each room, and want something that doesn’t cramp their style.

While we still love the ever-so-popular mid-century modern look, we believe that the Aura is the perfect transition into a more high-design, avant-garde look that still complements the mid-century modern design. A perfect addition to the mid-century modern look with an avant-garde style is the Nursery Works Compass Rocker, that features matching rose gold legs and new navy and blush velvet fabrics. This perfect pairing creates a gorgeous and harmonious balance of rich metals and luxurious fabric. Whether you’re creating a Hollywood Regency masterpiece or adding a splash of posh to your otherwise understated space, the Aura Metal Bassinet and Compass Rocker will add that perfect touch of glam to your nursery.

Pro Tip: Once your baby outgrows the bassinet it can make a great luxe doggy bed or even a planter.

Nursery Works Compass Rocker

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