Nursery Inspiration: Arrows Inspired


The timeless arrows that are popping up on shirts, pillows, and tattoos are undoubtedly fashionable, but they also contain a beautiful meaning, perfect for parents. Not only do arrows make for trendy decor, they represent protection and defense. A bundle of arrows portrays strength, crossed arrows are an indication of friendship and a broken arrow means peace — all perfect symbols for influencing a child’s character.

Set a tone of strength and protection in any room with the Caden lane Grey Arrow Curtain Panels. The grey and white color combo are perfect for any nursery or kids room that features a gender-neutral color palette. The panels measure 42×84″ and are sold in a set of 2.

Caden Lane Grey Arrow Curtain Panel

Designer tip: Pair the grey arrows with pastel colors to give the room a softer ambiance that offsets the strong arrow design.

Another way to make arrows pop is with a soft accent pattern. Utilize this arrow bedding in navy or coral to draw the eye in and surround the pattern with subtle colors that play up the arrows. This bedding set features the fabulous arrow decoration and a sweet triangle design that compliments the main pattern. This is the complete package for trendy baby bedding.

Designer Tip: Play up the arrow/triangle theme with accents throughout the room on throw pillows, curtains, or rugs.

Make the crib complete with the Caden Lane Mint and Coral Arrow Bumper. All bumpers are 2″ thick, and have 9″ ties. Your child will love the soft mod fabric that go perfectly with the matching bedding. Trendiest nursery room in town? Check!

Caden Lane Mint and Coral Arrow Bumper

Designer Tip: Make sure you have a crib that shows off your fashionable bedding and bumper, like this Newport Cottages Devon Crib in white.

Newport Cottages Devon Crib

No matter what your pattern preferences are, be sure to invest in quality products for your children that are stylish and long-lasting. For more modern baby style head to our website and start decorating today.

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