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Stuff 4 Multiples

Stuff 4 Multiples

Stuff 4 multiples was founded to help parents with twins or multiples keep up with the challenges demanded with raising several kids at a time. Starting with just a small humorous t-shirt line, Stuff 4 Multiples now sells over 1800 great children’s products, including twin baby carriers, baby shower gifts, nursery furniture, and clothing for multiples. Their goal is to bring in as many product lines as possible, so as to create an all-encompassing shopping spot for families of multiples.

Stuff 4 Multiples own Twintrexx and Twintrexx 2 twin baby carriers have revolutionized the market, and have made appearances in the show, “Shameless” and more recently, “Horrible Bosses 2”. These carriers combine easy use and practicality with several sleek color finish options. The ability to detach the carriers into two single carriers is what really makes the Twintrexx special, because it allows you to share the load with a partner or family.

The founder being a mother of four herself, Stuff 4 Multiples is the best place to look for reliable product for families of multiples!

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Stuff 4 Multiples

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