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Quinny Strollers takes the lead in baby mobility. As Europe's most respected stroller brand, Quinny has set the standard for engineering, design, and trendsetting style. They have been innovating baby care products since the 60s, and the first Quinny strollers hit the streets in 1989. Don’t let that fool you – Quinny has introduced eye-catching, bold, and hip strollers in recent years. They even say they offered the first all-black stroller!

Their strollers can be used from birth when combined with infant car seats, and you can keep using them for children up to 50 pounds.

Quinny products appeal to the urban environment. You feel completely at home in the city – The energy of the streets makes your clock tick, so it’s no wonder you’re raising your children in the city too. It’s a life full of bumps, bends, and opportunities, but you can accept anything the city throws at you with a smile. You’re a super parent, and you deserve a super stroller. A super stroller from Quinny is versatile, nimble, and clever. It’s lightweight, flexible, and folds easily. And, of course, it doesn’t ask you to compromise function for style.

Quinny Strollers are designed with your lifestyle in mind. They believe in adding true value to their products to support you with functional solutions to overcome the small urban obstacles you face every day. Quinny stroller accessories and strollers create clever mobility solutions for parents on the go – so you can always walk your way! Live, work, and play. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Breeze through the city with Quinny’s clever travel solutions. Get out and soak up those city vibes because this is your life and your child, and your stroller should fit right in.

Europe’s premier and most progressive stroller brand, Quinny recently made its US debut to tremendous enthusiasm. Combining trendsetting design with innovative precision engineering, Quinny is the preeminent stroller brand for active parents who want stress-free, reliable transportation for their children that complements their sense of style.