Sarah Jane On Parade Large Wall Stickers

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Gather round and get ready for the parade! The Pop and Lolli Sarah Jane On Parade Wall Stickers are perfect for the playroom or nursery!


  • Includes: 1 Boy with Trumpet, 1 Girl with Big Banner, 1 Girl Pulling Wagon, 1 Wagon with Bunny & Doll, 1 Boy Pushing Wagon, 1 Girl on Elephant, 1 Boy with Cymbals, 1 Girl with two flags, 1 Balloon Girl, 1 Boy On Horse, 13 Balloons
  • Approx height: Girl on Elephant -- 20'' W x 32'' H
  • Perfection in the design arises from the "imperfect" nature of the line work in the art produced.
  • Please note, balloon strings are not included.