Parklon Baby Mats

      Our selection of Parklon playmats is the perfect solution for busy parents looking for a comfortable and safe area to set their little one up for playtime and tummy time. After all, you don’t want your baby catching any germs from the floor, not to mention it could be hard or scratchy on them and their skin. Instead, give them comfort and support for a variety of activities.

      The best part about Parklon play mats is that they won’t grow out of them for a while. These mats were designed with comfort and safety, so they are durable and thick, but they are also soft. You and your baby will be comfortable for hours of play, which is exactly what they need. This is also great to have around when your little one decides they are ready to start attempting to walk. Falls on hard flooring can be tough, but falling on a thick mat is a great solution. This company knows how important your little one is to you, which is why they use nontoxic, non-phthalate PVC or PE and BPA-free materials for the play mats. Parklon play mats are proven to be safe by SGS, which is a relief for many parents who want to keep as many toxins away from their little ones as possible. These mats are also easy to clean, which is key for any parent. While your little one is growing, there can be a variety of messes and spills, which is why these are water-resistant and easy to clean, so you can easily wipe up messes and keep on playing. Finally, they are designed for fun, but also for years. With bright, engaging designs, your little one will love these mats for a variety of activities from learning to walk and enjoying tummy time to putting together a puzzle and playing with their toys.

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